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Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy treatments – Make An Appointment Now

Using my fabulous, specially designed table that allows pregnant women to lay on their front, while their lovely bump fits fully supported in the pregnancy hole. This enables the woman’s back to fully relax while she is receiving a beautiful treatment at any stage during the second and third trimesters.

Arlene Gabb reviewed Megs Alexander Therapies – 5 star


Combination treatments (massage and reflexology – highly recommended)

A mix of reflexology and massage in a single treatment. Completely fabulous.

A one hour treatment includes a basic reflexology treatment and a neck, back and shoulders massage.

An hour and a half is a fully comprehensive reflexology treatment and a full body massage. Total bliss.


Reflexology is especially beneficial during pregnancy. Having regular reflexology treatments helps with balancing pregnancy hormones, releasing tension in the body and it gives you time to stop, ground and connect with your body which can be invaluable in helping to enjoy and embrace all the new changes.


Same price for any treatment. Reflexology, massage, pregnancy treatments or any combination. We’ll discuss your needs and create the best treatment for you on the day.

Any treatment or combination

$80 for 60 minutes

$95 for 75 minutes

$110 for 90 minutes